Where has Valdyr Been?

Well, I just got access back to my e-mail account. Please forgive me about this copypasta from a mass e-mail I sent to my waiting customers (thank you all again for your patience with me here), but its almost 8 AM and I need to go to beeed. Know that I am back to working, my health has gotten MUCH better... now here is the prattle of what has been going on.

In good news: I got rid of the blackberry that was messing with this e-mail account. And I am feeling better FINALLY. Yay.

In bad news: Got... a lot of spam to go through in this inbox. Hah.

Where I have been: I got very, very sick for the dumbest reason I have ever heard. When I was 17, my wisdom teeth were growing in odd and the dentist insisted surgery... my mother insisted that it all would be fine, not wanting to pay up, and my wisdom teeth remained. By funny, I mean sideways, and putting pressure on my teeth. As I went through college the pressure caused my teeth to break, in some places down to the root, and the dental mess just kept expanding due to my lack of funds to take care of it.

I never knew it, but apparently oral health can affect your entire body. The teeth got infected, which led to antibiotics, causing my already awful psoriasis outbreak to really flare and my immune system in other parts of my body to drop drastically. The infections were to the point where I would be off of antibiotics for two days at most before another would flare up, and I was on the most DISGUSTING diet in the world (ensure, pudding, and any mostly liquid thing I could find.) The high MSG content of much of what I could ingest, like the soups, caused my Celiac's to go insane (I have auto-immune issues... don't worry, though, NOTHING is contageous), and I got into a bit of malnutrition. The infections continued to spread til they began leading to urinary tract and kidney infections, (WARNING TO MEN GOES HERE: WOMEN PARTS AND THAT TIME OF THE MONTH STUFF): which then moved to my ovaries and uterus. The problems there suffered me bi-weekly periods that would last at least 7 days, giving me between three days to a week of non-menstruation time. There was a period of time where it was believed my ovaries and uterus would have to be removed, after having a few cysts taken out (WARNING TO MEN OVER).

I was spending a lot of time in doctor's care, or sleeping on my couch or in my bed. When I was not asleep, I would dabble with something to do with a fursuit when I had the strength, but mostly worked on 3d Stuff, leading to some time enjoying only having to move my arm to create something "furry" in second life, and my first release from just... sleeping. I think the time spent doing that is what helped me start to get better, as after some time, my condition started going on the upswing for no reason. Thankfully, no body parts were removed.

Now, after a short stint of walking pneumonia, I am doing somewhat better... just confused with the fursuit stuff and ready to work my butt off to get you guys what you ordered as fast as I possibly can once I hear back from you.

Commissions Closed

I am no longer accepting commissions to be completed by AC 08. The earliest I can take commissions is with a completion date of July.

Work order:

Tyger - Hyena Partial -- Working on: Furring head
Dark Fang - Toony Jackal Head -- Will start when I recieve payment -- Due for AC 08
Chris - Toony Silver Fox Full Suit -- Will start when I recieve payment -- Due for May-ish
Burning Heat - Realistic Were Full Suit -- Will start when I recieve payment -- Due by July/Early August


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